1. African Conflict Monitoring Project is made up of the African Conflict Media Review, the African Conflict Monthly Report and the African Conflict Annual Report.
  1. African Conflict Seminar Series. This provides a useful platform to reflect and interrogate the context and texture of the requisite African conflicts. The output of the African Conflict Seminar Series will also be published under the African Conflict Working Papers Series, the African Conflict Journal and the African Conflict Book Series.
  1. African Border Disputes Project. This involves the compilation of all the current and potential border disputes in Africa.
  2. African Secessionism Project. This includes the documentation of all current and potential secessionist movements in Africa.
  3. African Conflicts Database. This is a database of all the key past and present African Conflicts.
  4. Decolonized University of Africa (DUA). Augustus Consulting’s Decolonized University of Africa (DUA) is an initiative aimed at the epistemic decolonization of the African continent. Its flagship degree program, the BSc. (Hons) Politics & Management aims to lay the epistemic and ontological foundation for the decolonization of education in Africa. DUA is the continent’s only decolonized, online university.
  5. BSc (Hons) Politics & Management

    First Year

    Introduction to Political Science

    Introduction to African Politics

    Introduction to Public Administration

    Introduction to Business Management

    Survey of Political Ideas

    Introduction to Chinese Politics

    Introduction to African History

    Introduction to African Philosophy

    Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods

    Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods

    Introduction to Project Planning

    Introduction to Project Management


    Second Year

    Introduction to Public Policy Analysis

    Introduction to Strategic Management

    Introduction to International Relations

    Introduction to International Law

    Introduction to Local Government

    Local Government in Africa

    Introduction to African Languages

    Introduction to African Literature

    Introduction to African American History & Politics

    Introduction to African American Literature

    Introduction to Accounting

    Introduction to Auditing

    Introduction to Conflict Management and Resolution

    Introduction to Peace and Security in Africa


    Third Year

    Public Enterprise Management

    Public Finance Management & Budgeting

    Introduction to International Organizations

    Introduction to Diplomacy

    Epistemic decolonization in Africa

    Introduction to Indigenous African Knowledge Systems

    Introduction to Human Resource Management

    Introduction to Information Technology (IT) Management

    Politics, Gender & Human Rights in Africa

    Media and Politics in Africa

    Introduction to Public Health Management

    Introduction to Health Economics

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